Dirty fascias and soffits can really take the gloss off of an otherwise clean and tidy home. It can also lead to damage and fading of the colour of the UPVC or paint if they are not maintained. Over time, various sorts of grime such as dirt, algae, and cobwebs can cause your soffits and fascias to look dull, tired and unkempt. This accumulation of grime is especially noticeable on white UPVC, dulling the overall appearance of your property. If you allow the grime to remain there, it will be tougher to remove and can cause permanent damage. To ensure the protective coating on your UPVC is also kept intact and in top condition, it’s important to have your soffits and fascias cleaned. Keeping your soffits and fascias well maintained should be a priority because aside from the aesthetic side of things, these fixtures protect your roof and home.

What Are Soffits?

The soffit is often seen as part of the fascia as it fits underneath horizontally and at a right angle so that it meets the wall of the house flush. You will often see narrow slats in the soffit board and this is to allow ventilation. This prevents condensation building up and causing damage to the underlying structure. 

The Benefits of Fascia and Soffits 

Both fascia and soffits are more than just cosmetic structures to make your home look nice. Ensuring the edge of the wood from the roof is not exposed to the elements of the weather is important. Without these coverings, the roof frame could become damp and begin to rot. It’s also useful to have something to attach the guttering to.

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